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Certified Coach


When I graduated high school in 2016, my goal was to become a music teacher; however, I burned out after my third year of college. Even after meeting with faculty advisors and school counselors, I was unable to find anyone that could help me navigate my situation effectively. I ultimately had to readjust my educational direction on my own, which ended up involving changing Majors and beginning my training as a coach.

Burnout is an experience nobody should have to go through, and my struggles with it pushed me to reevaluate what I actually wanted out of my education. By taking the initiative to make the changes to my school life that I needed, I was able to set myself on a path that allows me to work with greater passion and support. This type of shift is what I seek to help students achieve through determining their own educational direction.

In the years since I first switched Majors, I have received coaching training and certifications from the Universal Coach Institute. I am also currently continuing my training with the Coaching Training Alliance. Although my original goal of becoming a music teacher did not go as planned, I am no less dedicated to helping students discover ways to take their education into their own hands.

Foggy Waters
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