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What is coaching?

        As defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), coaching is partnering with clients in a creative and thought-provoking process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

        This process is what differentiates coaching from other professions like consulting and therapy. Instead of giving treatment or advice, my role is to form a collaborative, co-creative relationship with my clients. Coaching involves having open and personal conversations, where the coach acts as a facilitator of change by listening to the client and asking powerful questions.

What does an academic  coach help with?

        As an academic coach, my primary focus is on helping high school and college students in regard to their school lives. I help students determine their educational direction, and this can be accomplished in a number of different ways depending on the needs of the client. Some examples of problems clients may choose to work on with me are:

  • Lacking personal drive or motivation in moving forward through school

  • Feeling overwhelmed by school or future prospects (picking colleges, graduation, etc.)

  • Wanting to develop personal learning strategies

  • Struggles with identity and self-worth in school

  • Concerns about balancing work life and home life

  • Feeling discouraged about personal achievement in school

  • Coping with/recovering from student burnout 

        Academic coaching is not tutoring. Although improvement in grades/academics may be facilitated by shifts that occur throughout the coaching process, this improvement is accomplished through the action of the client, not through direct intervention or tutoring from the coach. I do not teach school material to my clients, nor do I help them prepare for tests such as the SATs or the AP exams.

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