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What if I'm not sure if academic coaching is right for me or my kid?

        If you're still unsure whether or not coaching is right for you or your kid, that's okay. Seeking any sort of help with one's educational direction is a big decision, and academic coaching isn't the kind of help every student needs. Since many students don't have a lot of prior experience with academic coaching, it can also be difficult for someone to discern its benefits until they experience a session for themselves.

        This is exactly why I offer a free sample session to all first-time clients--to give them a better sense of what it's like to work with an academic coach before deciding whether it's worth it for them to invest more time and money into it. If the client decides to not continue with the coaching, then no worries. There is zero obligation for a student to keep working with me if they decide it's not for them.

How do I set up a coaching session?

        You can set up a coaching session through the short form under the "Contact" section. Alternatively, you can use my contact info listed there to reach out to me over the phone or via email.

What do I need for a coaching session?

        The role of the client is to come to the coaching session with an agenda to focus on. This agenda does not need to be robust or thoroughly planned out. All that is necessary is for the agenda to be a topic that the client 1) is seeking help with, and 2) is willing to have an open, honest conversation about with the coach. It is important that any client going into a coaching session goes in willingly--I cannot coach someone that does not want to be coached.

        Each new client of mine is entitled to one free sample session. It is expected for the client to come to this session with an agenda in mind, like any regular coaching session. I also ask new clients to fill out a short intake form as well as sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the session.

What is a confidentiality agreement?

        A confidentiality agreement is a simple form stating that anything discussed in a coaching session is to be kept confidential. This confidentiality also extends to any information recorded on the intake form. In the case of clients under the age of 18, I cannot disclose confidential information to the parents/guardians of the client unless the client also chooses to sign a waiver granting such permission.

How long does coaching take? Where/How does it happen?

        A sample session only takes 15-20 minutes, whereas regular sessions with full-time clients take about 50 minutes each. If a client decides to continue forward with coaching after their sample session, they may choose to either schedule out the sessions one at a time or arrange for a predetermined number of sessions in advance.

        Currently I am only working with clients remotely, which means all sessions take place either via Zoom or over the phone (client's preference). When it comes time for the scheduled appointment, I will either start the Zoom call or call the client as determined beforehand, and it is up to the client to be prepared to start the session on time.

Do you only work with students?

        The primary focus of my business is on high school and college students. That being said, as a life coach, I am trained to work with all sorts of individuals. Academic coaching is my chosen niche, though it does not prohibit me from working with clients on other types of problems if they so choose.

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